Monday, 24 September, 2012

Now, ‘Escape’ to classrooms

Thiruvananthapuram: Young expert in escape magic tricks, Escape Arun travels all the way from Chennai to offer training for his counterparts during the coming sessions of the monthly orientation classes. He would take on the teacher’s mantle at 104th Perfect Performer Course (PPC) at the Academy’s headquarters here on 13th of October. On the next day, his expertise will be made available as part of the PPC’s 21st session in Kochi.
Suffering from polio, Arun Loganathan’s emergence into an unusual escapologist was out of his strong determination to change the usual notion of people about persons with polio. His risky and challenging feats changed the perception of people who counted him as a youngster with disabilities. Now he is a popular performer by the name, Escape Arun who is well known for his versatile skills in illusions, escape acts, balloon sculpting, hypnosis, street magic, close up magic and stage magic. Native of Chennai and holder of an MBA degree from Singapore, Mr. Arun’s talents to create new magic is indisputable. He has got an extraordinary ability to extract new ideas from mundane magic gadgets. He continues as a charioteer to whom physical challenges never make a hurdle.
To benefit the participants Mr. Arun will be displaying a range of magic props from his magic store many of which would be the first-rate imported ones.
Registration to the event is limited to the first thirty. To make advance registrations, contact, Tel: 9496817104/ 9446078535/ 9447768535/ 0471-2358910. Email:

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