Monday, 24 September, 2012

Magic Academy to set up country’s first magicians’ portal

No fee, no hassle; magicians can benefit
Thiruvananthapuram: To be available online is the call of the time. Responding to this pivotal fact, Magic Academy is setting up a sophisticated web portal to assemble native magicians on the pristine
cyberspace. An online portal was one of the demands placed by most of the magicians during the state-level magic festival, Bhagyavismayam conducted through three regions, by the Academy. The portal project is sequel to the online magicians’ directory built in 2009 and print editions previously brought out in 2004 and 2008 by the Academy. (Confirm years) By becoming online, magicians could tap more opportunities for selling their entertainment service, hopes the Academy. Once established the portal will pave way for the authorities and show organizers to easily identify magicians and contact them for facilitating assistance and booking shows. The cyber presence Magic Academy to set up country’s first magicians’ portal No fee, no hassle; magicians can benefit is also essential for furthering the dignity of the community. Website dedicated to the magical art and its performers will not only foster fraternity among the members, but also highlight the shining achievements made by them. This would stop sidelining of the wonderful art, brining magicians to the mainstream. To achieve all these objectives, the web portal would offer efficient search facilities, easy submission of information, quick contact provisions and hasslefree post-editing of data submitted. By obtaining a user ID and password, each magician gets an authority over preserving and updating his information from anywhere, anytime. It would be an online canvas making available at a mouse click, the enchanting vibrancy and versatility of native magic community. The Academy has set up a team of navigators to help magicians make registration easy and hassle-free. For information and help, contact: Tel: 9496817104/ 9446078535/ 9447768535/ 0471-2358910. Email:

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