Tuesday, 25 September, 2012

‘Bhishmacharya’ K Lal, an organizer too…

By Gopinath Muthukad

Magician Gopinath Muthukad and Magician
Rajkumar with the Master Magician K Lal
at the VISMAYAM 2008 convention [File Photo]

To the latest, Sammohanam 2011, the national convention held in Ahmedabad was another sparkling momentum made by the miraculous magician great K Lal. As the chief organizer of the convention and president of Gurjar Magic Society in Ahmedabad, he was the stardom too to the media and native magicians.
The very thoughtful host of the event was well with his concerns to ensure the comfort of every delegate and guest. The warmth and affection showered on me was profound. While speaking to me at Sammohanam convention, he said that it was for the first time that the city of Ahmedabad witnessed a magic convention on such a big scale. I found the untiring master excited with his accomplishments.
He uttered his commitment with magic and society. In his presidential address of the Sammohanam convention he has stated; “being a professional magician, I have devoted my entire active life of 72 years in the services, uplifting and bringing the recognition to the art of magic in the country, with the numerous new experiments and the novel messages for the betterment of the society and for the national integrity through this transparent medium of magic.”
He had a dream and desire to bring together all magicians at his native state, Gujarat. He has designed every gathering of Indian magicians for strengthening the personal relations and feelings of brotherhood among magicians. Magicians used to take it as their privilege to be the guest of the great Bhishmacharya in magic.
I had the privilege to be with this master magician during the days of Sammohanam 2011. His charm will shine in the horizon of Indian magic forever.

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