Tuesday, 27 March, 2012

Indrajaalapuraskaram awarded to magician M P Hashim

Thiruvananthapuram: Magician M P Hashim has been awarded with a lifetime achievement recognition titled, Indrajaalapuraskaram 2011 by the minister for social welfare and local self government, Dr. M.K. Muneer. “Contributions of Magic Academy with social commitment are having high value when it constantly encourages the new generation magicians like M P Hashim by honouring with Indrajaalapuraskaram.” minister M K Muneer stated in his speech. ‘The endless activities stir with warmth and cares to needy ones by the Academy and Magician Muthukad are unique and noticeable.’ he added.
The award instituted by Magic Academy is in recognition of the magician’s overall contributions to the native magic and the service rendered to the society through his performances. The recognition is also in consideration of the umpteen of awards and accolades the magician has bagged during prestigious magic competitions across the country.
Thirty-eight year old Mr. Hashim hails from Kozhikode district in Kerala. Ever since his debut on the magic competitions in 1997, his has been a definite name among top winners. Among the magic circles in and out of the country, he is reckoned as a young maverick who has established own style of presentation. The cadence and grace of his movements on stage has won him huge praise even among his peers. Hashim’s tricolour presentation with the theme of patriotism and national integration was well versed for the purpose.
Minister has distributed the educational scholarships to the magicians and their children, financial aid to needy magicians and equipment grant in the function. Academy’s financial aid to magician Preeth for his participation in international convention of deaf magicians in Finland was also given.
The awarding ceremony held at the Wonder World auditorium, Poojappura was presided over by the Chairman of the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, Soorya Krishnamoorthy. Executive director of the Academy Gopinath Muthukad; director Chandrasenan Mithirmala and the associate professor of Kaladi Sree Sankara College Dr Rajithkumar were also present on the occasion.
The award comprises of a memento, certificate and a purse of Rs.10, 000. Previous recipients of the prestigious award include magicians PM Mithra, Jr Mandrake, and Pradeep Hudino. Adding glamour to the occasion was the performance by Mr. Hashim and a shadow play by magician R. Raja Moorthy.

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