Monday, 26 March, 2012

A verdict magnifies magical supremacy

Kochi: A verdict turns impressive to all at the High Court of Kerala including the acting Chief Justice Smt Manjula Chelloor, Justice R Basant, Director General of Prosecutions T Asif Ali and M P Krishnan Nair, president of LARC. The commendable judgment was with a dedication to the father, who wanted the son to become a lawyer, as told by the prominent magician Gopinath Muthukad while he expressed his gratitude for giving him an opportunity to perform a show before the grand viewers.
It was an uneasy performance titled Vidhi Vismayam at High court conference hall as part of the silver jubilee celebration of the Lawyers’ Arts and Recreation Club of Kerala High Court advocates association.
Muthukad was predicting the verdict at a court like location created in the conference hall. The magician made the audience astound, as the verdict pronounced in the show came identical to the verdict note kept in the glass box at the beginning of the programme. The prediction of the verdict was first in its kind in the magical history, where the imaginary murder case weaved by Muthukad and randomly chosen persons from the audience.

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