Friday, 30 July, 2010

Wow! E-groups!!

Thiruvananthapuram: The Indian magician is becoming internet savvy. With the grace of Internet and computers fast becoming facilities inevitable, many native magicians have already become members of e-groups. A couple of e-groups borne in the IT hub of the country, Bangaluru proves to be hot places of interaction between magicians of the country.

The idea of establishing an e-group for the country’s magicians was the brainchild of young and famous mentalism performer, Nakul Shenoy. His Yahoo-group, ‘IndianMagique’ has been active since 2003 December. For the initial month it had just 14 messages going across. Currently around 150 magicians use it as an online podium for placing their views, tips and helpful information for the benefit of the magic community. Heated exchanges also occur between the members when the issue has got both says.

The group receives an average of 50-150 messages a month. “This eGroup has been set up to equip the Indian magicians with a common platform to discuss the art of legerdemain. Being a magician's eGroup, the membership is restricted to performing magicians from India”, says Mr. Shenoy. Those who are genuinely interested in the art of magic can try for a membership in this e-group by contacting

Another e-group in the fore is ‘TalkMagic’, conceived by star performer and manufacturer in magic, Uday Jadugar. This is a Google group that began its function since November 2009. Veterans in the field including A.K. Dutt, Cijam Jammu, Solyl Kundu* and Ramaswamy use to frequently post messages. TalkMagic statistics show that Mr. Dutt stands alltime topper posting over 500 messages. Major attraction of TalkMagic is a free exchange of tricks behind many new magic items.

If you are a magician and member of these e-groups, the time you spare online would be worthier.
[By the time the July issue of the Vismayam Magical News carrying this article was printed, Mr. Solyl Kundu was informed banned from the said e-group.]

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