Friday, 30 July, 2010

The magic of hard work

If you want to get a clear message upheld by mythologies, you should first keep religious colours out of them. Let us listen to the story of Bhageerata a character in Hindu mythology. Bhageerata wanted river Ganga to flow down from the heaven and flow through the ashes of his brothers for the souls to attain eternal peace.

He did relentless Tapas (deep and devoted kind of meditation, sacrificing all eternal pleasure) to appease Lord Brahma – not for a day or two, but for 1000 years. No food, no rest. At last Brahma was pleased and granted his wish. But on one condition that Lord Shiva should reduce the impact of the Ganga falling to earth and avoid a catastrophe.

Lord Shiva was pleased and caught hold of Ganga on his head. But to please Lord Shiva and get the river released, poor Bhageerata had to perform one more round of arduous Tapas. At last Ganga flowed down from the head of Shiva to the lowlands. But on her way, the mischievous river gulped the Ashram of Jahnu Maharshi. Angry Maharshi swallowed the river in a single stretch!

Bhageeratha did’t lose his determination. He went for another round of tiresome Tapas to get the Maharshi cool down. At last Ganga was released through the ear of the Maharshi! The holy waters soaked the ashes of his brothers and Bhageerata stood in gratification of his earnest effort.

Let Bhageerata’s be a lesson for all of us. Only hard work and persistent practicing carve out an able magician.
[Editorial published in July 2010 issue of the Vismayam Magical News]

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