Friday, 30 July, 2010

Much magical Munch Star Singer

Budding columnist, Ramu Bhattathiri on the role of magic on a popular TV reality show.

With the second season of the very popular music talent show called Munch Star Singer Junior, already underway, there was an element missing in the show. Before pondering more time on what it was other than music, let me tell you it is the Magic. The first and foremost season of the music talent show, was full of music filled with the elemnt of Magic, as it had our own Magic Uncle, Gopinath Muthukad as the Judge for most parts of the show. He used to mesmerize the contestants, judges and the viewers of the show. He also provided valuable thoughts from the magical heart, and envisaged the contestants to become more and more confident and efficient in their journey of life.

Now, the show has energized, with the return of the master magician. He has now come all the way again, to start from where he had left off in the last season. He is still continuing to put in that magic into his presence and it is always a treat to watch when he performs and speaks. The music and the magic. Surely, both of them makes a great and inseparable blend. With the music from the tiny tots, and the magic from Magic Uncle, Munch Star Singer is again becoming like it was in the last season. Now the magic has improved, so as the music.As the competition gets harder, Magic is the perfect thing that you want to cool your hearts up. And this is exactly, what the show provides. So, this is one show that you will never want to miss.

[This article is first published in the July 2010 issue of the Vismayam Magical News]

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