Monday, 6 July, 2009

Magic of miniature monuments

A goldsmith by profession, magician Ganesh Subramanian enjoys making tiny artifacts in gold.

See it to believe it: View of magical ring in different angles with an enlarged image of tiny Lord Vishnu atop. Inset: Ganesh Subramanian.

Thiruvananthapuram: Yoga is his strength. Magic is his passion. Making microscopic artifacts using tiny grains of gold, is his obsession. Meet, young goldsmith and magician, Ganesh Subramanian the creator of a number of wonderfully miniscule gold figurines.

His is already a fabulous collection of miniatures. An oarsman in a boat, Nataraja in splendorous dancing posture, a crucifix, a mermaid with all embellishments… so goes his stupendous makes. But to enjoy the tremendous beauty of these, you need a powerful lens. And remember, each of these is made from grains of gold that would weigh a few milligrams!

Maharaja's praise
To the latest, he received a special honour from the King of Travancore, Shree Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma Maharaja. It was the Maharaja’s heartfelt appreciation of a magical ring he has gifted. The ring looks normal, but transforms into a microscope on pressing a button on one of its sides. A lens pops up and when you look through it there will be a gold figurine of Lord Vishnu reclining over the spiraled snake Anantha. Of the 18gm ring, the spectacular idol of Lord Vishnu has a weight of just 20mg.

Mr. Subramanian presented this ring as a special gift for the Maharaja, when the latter was just stepping out of the Sree Padmanabha Temple after usual worships. An impressed Maharaja not only honoured the young goldsmith, but also gave orders for a few more of such rings.

Arduous work
The process of making miniscule images in gold is never a cakewalk. “It requires months together of devoted work. I have to sit for long with much patience and concentration crouching over a lens. All this is possible only because I’m a practitioner of Yoga. And the fact that I’m also a magician, gives me tremendous confidence in attempting new endeavours”, Mr. Subramanian says.

Those who wish to have a glance upon his miniature works, can do so by contacting him at mobile: 9846382838 or visiting his website:

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