Thursday, 9 July, 2009

Praise for Magic India Directory

Mandar Patil, a leading magic dealer luxuriously admires the newly released Magic India directory.

[From the letter he has posted on, an e-group led by magician Nakul Shenoy]

Hello Friends...

Hey, finally the much awaited magicians directory is out and in my hands.

Thanks to the MAGIC ACADEMY, Chief Editor, Shri Gopinath Muthukad and all at the Magic Academy.

Excellent piece of hard work... Nice quality offset printing... well indexed and very colourful ads...anyone will fall in love with this book!!! (I have myself)

The best part of the handbook I like is the FACT LINE on almost every page of the a vast info on magic and magicians of the past and present.

This handbook will definately go a long way to help the upcoming and new magicians to find new and experienced magicians in our beloved art, "MAGIC"...

I would personally highly recommend this handbook to all... It's worth the Rs 200/- plus investment!!!

Once again Hats off to you all at the Magic Academy !!!

Kind regards

Mandar Patil

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