Monday, 6 July, 2009

Biotechnology student’s magical genetics

Magic and dance are like breathing for this Mumbaite girl

Shruti Tulpule

Mumbai: At Dr. D.V. Patil Institute of Biotechnology and Bio-Informatics in Navi Mumbai, magic is now a hot subject. Thanks to Shruti Tulpule, a biotechnology student, who has shined on the Sony TV’s reality show with a mix of magic and dance.
Shruti’s interest for magic was simply genetics. Her father, Pravin Tulpule is a known figure in magic. Retired as an officer of the Indian Navy, Mr. Tulpule has led his daughter to the world of magic, while she was 7 years old. Thus she became the magic girl of her school. Ever since she attended Bombay Magic Convention in 1996 – the first ever magic meet in her life – she had no set back on the magic roads.
Ms. Shruiti pursues her passion not at the cost of her college lessons. “I am an above average student. My extra-curricular activities – dance and magic – keep me away from boredom”, she comments. For her, biotechnology is as amazing as magic. On the magic stage, what she enjoys the most is taking control of a big audience and making them believe what she does.

Magic and women
Ask her if magic is suitable for ladies and get this question back: “Is there anything women can’t do?” Ms. Shruti would take it calmly if some one criticizes her practice of mixing magic with dance.

“To each, his own… I believe I do justice to both”. What else can the comment be from a girl, who quests for saving humanity through mutating the genes responsible for anger and hate! Her happiness lies on the very fact that her act brings a gleam on the faces of many people.

Girl of dreams
Ms. Shruti bears a dream of making magic at par with other performing arts and earning it a respectable place in the country. These are not the dreams of a lonely crusader. Her father, mother, brother, teachers and classmates are behind her with ample support.

There is every reason for one to hope that her dreams become a reality within a short future.


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