Monday, 6 July, 2009

Memories of a magicians’ meet

Travel and teaching made for a recent magic meet

G. Sreenivas presenting ‘Devil’s Folder and a Prisoner Card Trick’, his latest creation at the recently concluded magic meet in Bhadreswar.

Kolkata: A long winding travel by train from Kakinada to Kolkata. Then a 56km drive on road. Still, G. Sreenivas was as refreshed like anyone at the Netaji Bhavan in Bhadreswar, the venue of 46th Magic Festival organized by the Chandan Nagar Jadukar Chakra. With him, equally enthusiastic were his friends, Chinta Syam Kumar and K. Vijaya Kumar.

When Ashish Mukherjee ended his demonstration with an alphabetic magic that could be finally read as ‘SREENIVAS’ it was a call for him to give a lecture.
His class on ‘Simple Conjuring’ went on in a great way. In the competition that followed, magician Mullik grabbed the first prize sending Rupantar to the second place. There were usual sessions like an evening get-together, prize distribution and grand gala performances by able magicians.

Cherishing such charming moments, Mr. Sreenivas and friends bid a farewell to Bhadreswar late in the night.

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