Thursday, 30 October, 2008

Mantra for making magic impressive

59th session of monthly refresher course for magicians at the Magic Academy

Thiruvananthapuram: Dr. U.P. Rajeev, a scientist, will be wearing the coat of a magic teacher at the Magic Academy, on 8th of November, on the occasion of the 59th Perfect Performer Course for magicians.

Dr. Rajeev, a past student and presently, an honorary faculty of the Academy, will be taking his counterparts to the celestial heights of magical knowledge. Unveiled in the class will be some of the hitherto not so much discussed mantra of making impromptu magic impressive.

“The class will deal with easy, impressive and routined impromptu magic” he says. Thus a class can be a launch pad to enhance the participants’ skill in magic. Or else it can propel you to higher levels of magical presentation.

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