Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Good homes for the poor are no more an illusion says magic show

Highly impressive magic show to be repeated in Kochi and Kozhikode.

Minister Binoy Viswam (right) being received at the magically built home.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala State Housing Board (KSHB) is on a mission to make good homes not an illusion, but a reality for the poor and the deprived. A friendship cultural evening organized by the KSHB to popularize its Laksham Veedu renovation scheme, witnessed a symbolic magical act by Gopinath Muthukad. The magician showed a mesmerising transformation of an old and unstable home into a new and stable one. And that marked a magical gesture of solidarity with the KSHB’s philanthropic prject.

On 15th of October, at the University Senate Hall, in a function presided over by the Minister of Housing and Forest, Binoy Viswam, the Minister of Culture, M.A. Baby inaugurated the programme. Mr. Muthukad’s magic wand was then waved to bring some awsome scenes on the stage.

The show began with the raising of a banner carrying the image of an old home in its deteriorated state. At a wink of the eyes, the curtain fell and there appeared a new stern building bathed in light. The Minister Mr. Binoy Viswam was invited to the stage.

Using a key presented by the magician, the Minister opened the front door of the house and the house owner came out holding an empty vessel. The magician tapped the vessel with his wand and created was a bunch of flowers in radiant colours. Receiving the bouquet, the Minister returned.

The new act symbolised the transition of humanity from the dark of decay to the light of development.

A poem written by Thirunellur Karunakaran in 1972 praising the launch of Laksham Veedu scheme for the poor by then minister, M.N. Govindan Nair, formed background music for the magic show. Entire auditorium was led to a state of rousing emotions as this three-decade-old poem, flowed in the voice of Kallara Gopan.

Following this special act, the magician along with his 24-member troupe continued to enthrall the audience with their premium magical entertainment named, Muthukad’s World of Magic.

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