Saturday, 21 June, 2008

The Magical Socialism

Magic as art offers equal opportunities of growth to all its practitioners

[Editorial by Gopinath Muthukad in June 2008 issue of Vismayam Magical News]

Magic is an art of several kinds, we know. Generally, close up, conjuring, mentalism and stage shows are the categories. Sleights of hand and illusion magic (sleights on stage!) are yet another. Some even divide magic according to the props used – cards, coins, ropes or apparently bigger instruments and so on.

Classification becomes complex when it is done in terms of the effect produced: transformation, transposition, telepathy, vanishing, appearing and what not!
Have you ever noticed that even amid such a fascinating diversity, magic is an art of socialism? In magic, the trick you perform using a coin or a feat you accomplish using a huge illusion prop, leaves the same shock of amazement in the minds of the viewers. This is one aspect of that socialism.

Whatever preparations you do, how much you talk, whatever backdrops you use, to measure the value of your performance, the layman has got just one occasion: the moment when the effect emerges. Yes, nothing but only the effect prompts your spectators to certify the magic they see. If the effect fails, everything fails - the speech, the decors, the music, the costume, all turns vain.

A rich magician should not necessarily gain audience praise simply because he has invested a lot, unless he takes care of the beauty of his effects. A financially feeble magician, on the other hand, may earn more accolades simply for being so perfect with his effects. Thus magic upholds another aspect of socialism.

There was a magician, who at first used to get not the money he expected, but what the organizers decided. Undeterred, the magician invested a good part of his meager income for replenishing more cute effects. The demand increased. At last he got the ball in his court. He got that freedom to pick the most appropriate client and most legitimate fee. Remember, this is magical socialism. In magic opportunities are equal.

In magic, not the money, but your creativity makes you a prudent investor.

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