Thursday, 2 January, 2014

Meet the Champion -TOPAS

The German Magician and one of the youngest world champions in the history of Magic noted for his own musical style of performance, with his virtuosic dexterity, novel effects and great illusions he has been able to succeed internationally for two decades. He creates his own original illusions and performs more than 250 shows a year. He has been world champion of Manipulation twice, winner of the Gold wand and is one of the top ten magicians in the world. He provides the entertainment at its best by combining “Magic, Comedy &illusions”.
His major achievements include 2004- Melbourne Christopher award, 2008- World Magic Award- Best Cabaret Male Magic and 2011- Academy of Magical Arts- Magician of the year. His stage shows with wife Roxanne has toured throughout the world and has been featured on programme such as the French “Le Plus Grand Gabaret Du Monde”. For “MAGIC AFFAIRS” Topas and his wife were awarded “Illusionists of the year- 2004” in St Louis USA. They are the only German Magicians performing illusions on tour. For the Centenary of the Magic circle of London, Topas and Roxanne performed their stage show in London. 
Topas has performed in more than 50 international TV shows such as NBC’s “The World’s Greatest Magic”- Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. He was awarded “Grand Prix Maqiques De Monte Carlo”. He performs frequently at the Magic Castle in Hollywood; Los Angeles. Topas ensures the magical feast at its peak by combining magic filled with comedy and his own original illusions. 

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