Friday, 3 January, 2014

Magic Lantern

New Year has always been a time for looking back to the past and more importantly to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. January
is the month of resolutions rather commitments people make themselves to improve or change certain habits in the new year, these resolutions gives us a chance to lead a better life.
As Cate Tiernan’s The Book of Shadows says “Any time you feel love for anything, be it stone, tree, Lover or child, you are touched by the goddess of magic”. There is a definite element of magic in every aspects of life and magician is a person who creates something from nothing and strives for its ultimate magical perfection to provide unparallel experience for the audience at large. As a magician everyone of us would agree that the passion for magic is not confined to our love of secrets or pursuit for higher knowledge but exclusively driven by the love of sharing the incredible joy of wonder with those who otherwise would never have the privilege to witness it in the way we are capable of presenting it and this is what the magician always strives to achieve. Every piece of magic a magician performs has to accomplish several parameters; first of all it must be elegant, beautiful, it must have emotional content, it has to make sense and it has to be impossible.
It also requires totality, adaptability, continuity, and over everything else it has to be an entertaining one. As entertainers the magician always finds his profession to be endless fulfilling. Here the things will be in an extremely difficult mode as every time the magicians will have to increase the reach of thoughts and range of performance to be a perfect performer.
Perfection is a must need phenomenon for any art as it increase the set standards to emerge as a stronger and better artist. The strength of a magician will depend upon his physical and psychological variants. As Lev Grossman’s famous book “The magician” says “a magician is strong because he feels pain. He feels the difference between what the world is and what he would make of it. A magician is strong because he hurts more than others. His wounds are his strength.” As the time for new beginnings new promises and new aspirations arrives, I wish that like an angel with a magic wand let the New Year heal all the wounds that has occurred in the past and brighten up your glorious magical skills to be ultimate performers which will bring you all the joy and surprises that you could ever imagine. Once again I wish all my readers a Happy and prosperous Year-2014.

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