Saturday, 1 June, 2013


112th PPC by Magician Ashok on June 8th at Tvm and 9th at Ekm

Thiruvananthapuram: “Close up Magic” also known as “Micro magic” is considered as a dexterity by combining both sleight of hand manipulations and flourishes. When we run our eyes through the modern world of magic, we can see that a majority of magicians are practitioners’ of this spectacular skill. But this technique becomes an art when it is done as an impromptu i.e. without any preparation. The magic Academy offers the aspirants and admirers of magic to learn this famous craft from a maestro at the 112th monthly Perfect Performer Course on the 8th of June 2013- Magician Ashok. 
This young man from Dindigul, Tamilnadu had been amazing his spectators since 2005.Some of the milestones from his vibrant career are- Rubik’s cube solver since 2008, Inventor of the Mega Gregorian Calendar for Any Year and a connoisseur at mentally calculating the calendar for trillions of years etc. 
Watch and learn from this youngster as he unravels the mysteries behind the artistry of improvised close up magic. This segment of PPC with this talented magician will really help the new generation magicians to bring about error and fear free performances. All the magicians are requested to register their names in advance. On 9th of June, magician Ashok will be available in our Ernakulam Branch for conducting the PPC.For more details please contact 9447768535 Thiruvananthapuram, 9447072461 Ernakulam.

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