Sunday, 12 May, 2013

Karunasai became a parasol world on May 11th

Vellanad: Karunasai the prestigious de-addiction center became a wonderland filled with numerous parasols. When the magician took beautiful and cute umbrellas, when the snowstorm exploded with the frills of sequences, when the floating table poised in the thin air-the premises became emphatic with endless applauds. And when the magic journey started it became an amalgamation of affection, passion and togetherness to the magicians both reputed and upcoming.
Altogether it was a fantastic day filled with charms. To mark the 17th anniversary of the Magic Academy, it joined hands with Karunasai the award winning NGO and an esteemed de-addiction center and conducted the 111th petal of PPC on the 11th of MAY. A memorable day out of magicians to Mitra Niketan and Ambadi dairy plant was organized as a part of the most prestigious refreshing course, the PPC. To add colors Karunasai evening glowed with the mega show by the one and only Parasol magician of India, Samir Patel from Gujarat.
The morning session of that wonderful day began with the lecture and demonstration by Samir. The village beauty of Vellanad and its magnificent ambiance was revealed when both the aspiring and professional magicians kick started their journey and it was a thrilling experience to them. We also tasted the unmatched hospitality of Dr.L.R.Madhujan and the Karunasai staff in the afternoon when they served us a sumptuous feast with lovely smiles.
A public function which honored the gorgeous umbrella magician Samir Patel with eminent personalities like N.Sakthan the Deputy Speaker, Dr.L.R.Madhujan Director Karunasai and Chandrasenan Mithirmala Director Magic Academy added hues and tints to the evening.

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