Wednesday 24 April 2013

Smile together-A day of relief for the children of alcoholics at Karunasai…

Thiruvananthapuram: They were amused when the poet Kallara Ajayan recited a beautiful poem on love, they were ecstatic when Charu Hariharan boosted up their game experiences and were obedient when the classes were taken. Yes! They were smiling together. It was a day of profound happiness for them- the children of the intoxicated!

The Magic Academy had put one step forward against the ill effects of alcoholism and also proclaimed that this fight never ends by conducting a one day camp on the 9th of April for the kids of dipsomaniacs in association with Karunasai Vellanad. Entitled ‘Smile Together’, this camp was organized to aware those tiny tots about the hazards of alcoholism and to usher them to a world of joy. 

The Excise Assistant Commissioner Suresh Kumar inaugurated the camp and gave a message on de addiction to erase the thoughts of alcoholism from the minds of the younger generation. Chandrasenan Mithirmala, the Director of Magic Academy took an inspiring class on personality development with the aid of magic and also on the precautions to be taken during their later life. The renowned clinical psychologist and the Director of Karunasai Dr.L.R.Madhujan counseled the blooms of future.

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