Wednesday, 24 April, 2013

A magical journey to Karunasai…

On May 11th, 111th PPC at Karunasai, Vellanad with Samir Patel

Magician’s own PPC, the longest running, the fascinating refreshing course is ready to enter its 111th version on the 11th of May 2013, the eve of 17th anniversary of the Academy of Magical Sciences. It was a flamboyant experience when we celebrated the 100th PPC at Ponmudi and it still gives us mesmerizing memories. This time, the perfect performer course, the arena for the native magicians to shape up their dexterity and style will be a memorable one, as it is spearheaded by the charismatic conjurer Samir Patel from Vadodara, Gujarat. Watch and learn from this maestro, as he reveals the secret behind the world famous ‘’Umbrella Magic”. It will be a moment of joy and pleasure from the Academy’s side as this PPC is conducted at Karunasai de addiction center, Vellanad, Trivandrum. To mark the celebrations, this PPC is followed by a magical visit also. 

Date: May 11th 2013
Registration Limit-First 40 registrations
Registration fee- Rs.750/- 
The programme schedule is as follows: 
9:00 am –Reporting at Magic Academy 
9:15 am-Journey to Vellanad 
10:00am- PPC by Magician Samir Patel 
1:00 pm- Lunch with Samir Patel 
2:00 pm- A magical Visit to Mitraniketan, Krishivijnjan Kendra and Ambadi dairy plant 
5:30 pm- Returning back to Karunasai 
5:45 am-Tea 
6:15 pm-Mega show by Samir Patel (There will also be provisions for the aspiring magicians to display their talents ) 
8:00 pm- Return journey 

All the magicians are requested to register their names in advance. For more details please contact: 9447768535 (Thiruvananthapuram).
Samir Patel will also be available at our Ernakulam branch on  12-05-2013 for conducting the PPC. Contact-9447072461 (Ernakulam).

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