Wednesday, 14 November, 2012

Chacha Magic, the magic molded multi-chachas

Thiruvananthapuram: Surprise appearance of a child chacha from an empty box was spell-bound, which later turned to make the stage thick packed with a number of child chachas. The eighteen blooming petals of Magic Academy were on the stage of Chacha Magic, the ‘red rose homage’ of children in city. The magician made the identical red rose of their chachaji from nowhere.  
The 123rd birth day celebration of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was organized by Magic Academy in association with Jawahar Balabhavan, NIMS Hospital and Karuna Sai, Vellanad at Jawahar Balabhawan auditorium.
The non-stop magic treat staged as part of the one day free magic camp’s culmination was much to offer the hopes and scopes of magic in molding the buds. Master Aswin Kumar, Rohit, Rajeevan, Sidharth Sivan, Alash R, Muhammed Aman, Sharan S, Jishnu Madev S.R, Sarang Sunil, Vismay Muthukad, Anoop B.S, Gokul Krishna P.S, Athul J. Prakash, Ananthu S. Nair, Ananthakrishna A.A, Saurav, Adithya Prathap and Kumari Varnana. S. Devi were there with their buoyancy to enthrall hundreds of viewers including the campmates.
The interactive session lead by Magic Uncle Gopinath Muthukad on the need of healthy thoughts in children was followed by an inspiring segment offered by the prominent psychologist Dr. L. R. Madhujan. The Academy directors Chandrasenan Mithirmala and R. Rajamoorthy made the opportunity for the campmates to get close to the magic and magical solutions for students’ memory enhancement.
Kumari Aparna S.Prabhakar, the Children Prime Minister who elected for this year’s children’s day celebrations inaugurated the Chacha Magic Camp. An Anti addiction awareness exhibition specially made for the children by Karuna Sai was also an attraction of the day long programme.

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