Monday, 29 October, 2012

Rejuvenate Restaurant Magic with Magician Suraj!

PPC @ Trivandrum on 10/11/12 and @ Kochi on 11/11/12

Now, magicians could become Trained Magical Hospitality Specialists. Unveiling the latest petal, Academy announces a much awaited episode of the impressive refreshing programme, Perfect Performers Course with Magician Suraj.
Chennai based Suraj is known for his specialties in close up, table hoping, restaurant magic and certainly the stage manipulation. Suraj is an experienced magician who has already proved his might in different national and international hotels and in cruise line ships with his magic performances and has lectured in magic at different parts of South India. The recipient of different credits including Lion of Magic, Hands of Lies, Carnival Triumph Silver Medal, Jantar Mantar Prize etc, Magician Suraj has made the prize winning sequential from the year 1999. Suraj, an expert in dove acts too will set aside the session for close up miracles this time.
Magicians who are not foremost on restaurant magic could take a ride with the session to get closer with the aims and beams of restaurant magic. This well remunerated performance has always been of great demand anywhere in the world. In present days, most of the restaurants prefer to have a magic wand waved over their dishes. Similarly, in western countries Restaurant Magic Business always had a great potential and hints the need of qualified, professional magicians.
This time the PPC falls on 10th November at Poojappura marking the 105th session and the 22nd PPC at Kochi is on 11th, Sunday. More details can be availed from 9446078535, 9447768535, 9037900564, email:

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