Monday, 24 September, 2012

Master illusionist K Lal passes away

Renowned magician Kantilal Girdharilal Vora, famously known as K Lal, passed away at his residence in Ahmedabad early on Sunday due to old-age related problems. He was 88.
Lal is survived by wife Pushpa, son Harshad Vora and daughters Priti Vasa and Sonal Shah.
His cremation, expected to be attended by people from all walks of life, is scheduled for Monday noon at Mukti Dham.

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Sam Dalal said...

I was totally captivated with Magic after witnessing K. Lals magic show in the early 1960s at the Mahajati Sadan in Mumbai.
Although I had been interested in Magic as a Hobby for many years earlier, it was K. Lal who made me realise this was an art form that could compare with any Bollywood venture for its audience appeal. This master of illusion and audience appeal won the hearts of audiences all over the country, and in many countries abroad, and will be a landmark in the history of Magic in India.
I wish his family my deepest sympathies. May his soul rest in Peace.

Sam Dalal