Friday, 24 August, 2012

Magician Rajesh Chandra act together for 103rd PPC on Sept 16th

Coins and Cards of Close up
Experience makes the man perfect! Here comes the rare opportunity to share the ‘coins and cards’ of close up magic from the gifted magician of Malabar, Rajesh Chandra. He reappears with a new dimension in close up magic with coins and cards where he thoroughly expertise and made the miracle a mission. 
The director of Malabar Magic Circle, Mr Chandra had been interacted at the 79th edition of PPC held in magic Academy and the newer petal dedicate to magic lovers of prestigious perfect performers course. Academy announces the 103rd PPC on 16th September, Sunday to learn a bunch of fueling close up tricks. At the monthly PPC classroom, it is his fourth illustration as a teaching faculty.
In the previous year Mr Chandra became the national prize winner of MYSMAYA, organized by Mysore Magic Society, where he keeps counting the national awards to his credits. Earlier, he has won a title in the Surat magic convention. It is just a year ago that Mr. Chandra emerged a winner in the country’s first competition of one-minute magic conducted by Bangalore Magic Academy. He was a close-up magic champion at several occasions including the Vazhakkunnam memorial competitions organized by the Academy in 2008. 
More details could be made available by contacting Academy 0471 2358910/ 9446078535/ 9447768535 or email:

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