Tuesday, 12 June, 2012

‘Newer Trends in Native Magic’ : 101st Petal of PPC by Magician Rajkumar

Thiruvananthapuram: Rajkumar, the common magician turned the savior of ancient Indian street magic through his treasured organization, MAZMA needless to have an introduction to PPC network. The latest petal of Perfect Performer Course unfurl on 14th July with Magician Rajkumar at Wonder World Auditorium of Magic Academy.
This segment will be marking the 101st episode with a fabulous topic to do the thorough research for magicians, ‘Newer Trends in Native Magic’. The subject will be highly useful for those who wish to flow with the drift of this rare art.
Magicians’ mind acts as the factory to produce newer themes and thrills for relevant turnovers of society. The chief of MAZMA could mesmerize for newer objectives in magical career and passion.

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