Saturday, 26 November, 2011

Mecartin’s Magic wane the approached cigarette

MAGIC with a MISSION hits & thrills the youth

Kochi: Film maker could be a magician; that too with a social responsibility. Well known Malayalam film maker Mecartin turns to a magician to endorse with his commitment to magic and its mission. He has staged a magical skit to extend the awareness against obsession of smoking and drinking at Ernakulam Town Hall as part of the Magic with a Mission of Magic Academy.

Magic skit, where he has keeping away the flown cigarette to him and later on made disappear was an alluring act by Mecartin and it was followed by an un-emptying pour of liquor to a clear glass. The dramatization of the theme was performed with the assistance of Vinod Kedamangalam in the magic workshop for youngsters and students on the fourth day of the ‘mission 5 days’.

Enthusiasm of students will certainly be worked out to convey to the rest the campus, according to a teacher attended the mission programme and they have repeated the need of such edutainment programmes with magic to any range of people including our students and youngsters.

Mecartin’s was in the fore with the ground level coordination of Academy’s Magic with a Mission project, which is in association with Cochin Corporation, Kerala State Youth Welfare Board, district authorities and Excise Department.

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