Thursday, 7 April, 2011

Muthukad & EC’s magic with a message

‘’You may not find it entertaining. This show is for a serious reason,’’ magician Muthukad had said with a cheering face at the very outset itself, as if forewarning those who anticipated a typical Muthukad show.

His words were backed up by Nalini Netto, Chief Electoral Officer, who acknowledged that Muthukad’s poetic licence was constrained by the Commission’s insistence on preserving the serious nature of the show.

The 25-minute-long show had plenty of video clips proclaiming the value of democracy, characters who symbolised the virtues of life in a democratic country and some magic tricks in between. Film Actor Suresh Krishna played the role of a despot who is ousted by a public upheaval. The magician brings about the end of autocracy and he makes the merciless despot vanish. The significance of democratic system is explained as an inept technocrat is coaxed to the polling booth by the ever-pleasant magician.

Finally, the magician, the despot and the crew all dressed in white line up with ‘Vande mataram’ ringing in the background. The curtains come down reminding once again the need to vote and preserve the value of democracy. A fully packed crowd was present at the Tagore Theatre to witness the show.

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