Thursday, 7 April, 2011

Magic of democracy

EVENT Gopinath Muthukad used magic to create awareness on the right to vote
Thiruvanathapuram: There was magic in the air as the city's very own 'Dum-bledore' Gopinath Muthukad mesmerised 'Muggles'. Muthukad 25- minutes 'magical' skit at Tagore Theatre high lighted the right to vote.

For the People
Organised by the Kerala State Election Commission, Muthukad's performance titled 'We the People' was in a bid to educate voters and increase their participation in the process of democracy. Artistes from Muthukad's Magic Academy participated in the event.
Says Muthukad, who is known for blending magic with a social cause: "We were approached by the State Election Commission for this project. The programme's script was written by Sreekanth kottakkal, a journalist. We then showed the script to the Election Commission who gave us the green signal."
Th skit, says Muthukad, begins with footage of the recent upsurge in Libya and then shifts to the scenes on stage.
An autocrat played by actor Suresh Krishna runs the land with an iron fist. Muthukad then appears on the stage and describes to the janata the beauty of democracy.
The autocrat disappears and the democratic public in the form of a girl dressed in white fills the autocrat's empty throne.
The magic wand is waved again by Muthukad but this time on the young man who is not keen on democracy and election. The skit ends with young joining the line of the voters at a poll booth. The magician has worked his magic.

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