Tuesday, 5 October, 2010

Clifford: navigator of magical wisdom

Thiruvananthapuram: Cadence and connection between items performed determine the success of a magic show. The style of presentation and aptness of items also play a significant role in enhancing the charm of a magician’s show.

Clifford, magician from Goa who is settled in Kochi, has masterly knowledge to share with his colleagues on these and other aspects of performing magic. He will be navigating his counterparts to the shores of this vast ocean of knowledge during 82nd monthly Perfect Performer Course on 9th of October at the Magic Academy.

The class will unveil top secrets for making a magic show twice effective and appealing. Tips on showmanship will be part of Mr. Clifford’s lessons. The half day session will also share elaborate information upon walk-around/table hop magic shows. The class is to have two segments: the first one for covering techniques and major aspects of showmanship, and the second part a workshop on walk-around/table hope magic numbers.

His class conducted at the Kochi branch of the Academy was all success, certifies a faculty member, Adv. Hariraj who attended the event with a dozen other magicians.

The occasion is going to be a precious one for magicians who seek for sharpening their skills in cards, coins, ropes and paddles. Mental effects, metal bending, sponge ball and dice routines are in addition to the above. For early registration, contact 0471 2358910 or Email: magicacademyindia@gmail.com.

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