Tuesday, 5 October, 2010

Bapuji the Guru

Eternal teacher: The world still learns from this simple man's lessons...

Bapuji’s life has shown us how successfully virtuous ideals could be adopted in one’s own life.

Even today, the world considers his name as the final word for ultimate peace and nonviolence.
No other apostle on this world could stand boldly for the cause of peace as Gandhiji did. He promulgated the mantras of peace, truth, nonviolence and social harmony and practiced them, too. The world today is thus prompted to observe his birthday every 2nd of October as the International Day of Nonviolence.

Peace is one of the precious things that the world today longs very much to have. Even perpetrators of terrorism do all the heinous for just one thing: to achieve what they stand for and reach ultimate peace.

The terrorists – mainly the youth who are miserably misled – are led by the wrong notion that a bomb blast and bloodshed will bring in what they desire. But they forget that whatever earned through violence is not going to survive. Violent manifestations can earn only ephemeral achievements. Solutions to be stable and sustainable, should be earned through peaceful means.
Challenges are part of human life. Trials and tribulations of life should not turn our actions incoherent or prompt violence. To forgive is not the quality of the weak, but the trait of the bold, Mahatmaji reminds.

Gandhian texts say, ‘Peace is its own reward’. We know, the freedom we enjoy today is also a reward of peaceful struggles. Mission India is hence the Magic Academy’s humble tribute before the Mahatma, who liberated a Nation to eternal freedom through exceptional commitment to peace and nonviolence.

[Editorial of September issue of the Vismayam Magical News]

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