Saturday, 29 May, 2010

These girls dare traffic blindfolded

Amazing riders: Three blindfolded girl magicians reach their finishing point in style over brand new TVS Scooty Streaks in this act held from Government Secretariat to Gandhi Park in Thiruvananthapuram on 29th of May, marking the beginning of world's first woman magicians convention 'Maya 2010'.
Thiruvananthapuram: Ammu, 17year old girl magician from Harippad; Pearl Bhumgara at her 21 from Mumabi and 24-year-old magic star Indushree from Bangalore met in front of the Government Secretariat with a single purpose: to stage blindfold motorbike ride and herald ‘Maya 2010’ the world’s first convention of woman magicians to be held on 30th of May under the auspices of the Magic Academy, Kerala State Youth Welfare Board and the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation.

Executive Director of the Magic Academy and Chief Organiser of the event, Gopinath Muthukad offered a welcome speech marking the beginning of the whole event. Then there was a member of the Academy, T. Divya who took a lead role and helped her counterparts to do things flawlessly. Chief guest, I.G. of Police, R. Sreelekha and the people who gathered there, watched all these curiously.

First step in the show was to convice the spectators that the three sacks used for covering the faces of the magic girls, were intact and did not permit vision. Ms. Divya took these bags and got the non permiablity of these bags placing them over the faces of few media personalities and some of the viewers. Mrs. Sreelekha then came forward and covered the faces of the girls with these thick dark sacks. Mouths of the sacks were then tightly tied. With little vision possible, the girls needed assistants to help them climb on the brand new TVS Scooty Streak mopeds. They were carrying slogans of the international women’s day, ‘Equal Rights’, ‘Equal Opportunities’ and ‘Progress for all’. With the girls getting their grips firm on the handles of their bikes, things were set for the beginning of a magical ride. Mrs. Sreelekha waved a white flag of Maya 2010 signalling the start for the trip. The three girls then drove away their mopeds slowly, but without affecting or getting affected by a heavy evening traffic of the city.

IG of Police, R. Sreelekha blindfolding one of the three girl magicians.
An announcement vehicle moved ahead of them. They took it challenges as pieces of cake and reached the finishing point at the Gandhi Park jubilantly. Once they reached there, sack covers were removed from their faces by lady magician Kaizad, Raja Moorthya nd Chandrasenan Mithirmala. On seeing the winners, an apparently large crowd at the park gave a good round of claps in appreciation of the achievement. Three girls reciprocated by showing their talent in sleights of hand before the encouraging crowd. Of course they didn’t forget to send some good messages of national integration and communal harmony during this impromptu show.

Flag off: IG of Police, R. Sreelekha waving the 'Maya 2010' flag to signal beginning of the blindfold motorbike riding.

Talented girls
The three girls who completed the blindfold act successfully were possessed with a successful career record in the arena of magic. Ammu’s talents in the art of magic was proved when she vanished a bright red scooter in daylight during a Panchayat programme a couple of months ago. Pearl Bhumgara has become Mumbai’s magic girl when she clinched the junior title at the age of 11, in competitions organised by the American Society of Magicians in U.S.A. Indushree’s fame in the world of magic was chiefly due to her talking dolls with which she performs ventriloquism in leading TV channels. The trinity is very much happy with the chance they received to perform a curtain raiser event for the historic Maya 2010 confluence.

Young achievers: Girls magicians (from left) Indushree of Karnataka, Ammu of Kerala and Pearl Bhumgara of Mumbai pose before media cameras in front of the Government Secretariat in Thiruvnanthapuram before beginning their astounding blindfold ride.


Thomas Kandanat said...

Daredevil skill. Ofcourse womens are efficient; may be more than a man, but they politely stand a step behind. CONGRATULATIONS

Aasheesh said...

Its splendid performance by these young ladies & not less than a miracle as it is very difficult to drive any vehicle with normal sight on Indian roads; the trio has dare to drive two wheeler BLINDFOLDED. I expect that any one these young Magician would visit my City (Indore- M.P.) & perform the same show on the roads of city to teach lesson to people how to drive safely! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THESE WONDERFUL GIRLS.

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