Friday, 21 May, 2010

Magic-rich Maya

Luna-Losander duo heightens hope. Jayam Jammu, Poornima Prahlad, Indushree, Pearl Bhumgara and Ammu to display country’s female strength in magic. Kerala State Youth Welfare Board and Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation back the unique event.

Thiruvananthapuram: “The one day that benefits you more than a thousand days” was the slogan raised by the Magic Academy, ever since it announced the female-oriented historic event, ‘Maya 2010’. And now the programme schedule is finalized to keep up the essence of that slogan. 30th of May will have a bright beginning at 7.30am when all the delegates gather at the reporting spot set up at the Hassan Maraikar Hall, adjacent to the main venue, A.K.G. Memorial Hall.

Beginning session will have everything for the mind and body of the participants. Scrumptious breakfast, soulful performance by a handful of leading magic dealers and pretty convention bags are to provided for the delegates to give the first impression.

The first ever festival of female magicians will be then inaugurated at 9.45am at the main venue by the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, P.K. Sreemathi. Secretary, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Usha Titus will be present.

The brief function will be followed by one thing that is anxiously awaited by the delegates – erudite lecture class by the world’s No.1 lady magician, Luna Shimada. Before a delicious lunch is served at 12.30noon, peppy competition events in Close-up magic and very newly introduced Kitchen magic will happen.

The afternoon session begins at 1.30pm with competitions in Stage Magic by seniors that will be followed by a pedagogic teaching session by none other than Losander the ‘Emperor of Levitation Art’ in magic.

Stage Magic competitions for junior candidates will be held before the closing ceremony starts at 6.30pm. Then an array of leading female magic stars line up and present the best of their talents.

The gala begins with a spectacular performance by the magic couple, Luna and Losander.
Jayam Jammu with her famed shadow play, Indushree and her renowned talking dolls and Poornima Acharya with her stylish illusions are also among the performers.

Not over, the first and second prize winners will also display their winning performances.

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