Monday, 8 March, 2010

Magician Society of Tamil Nadu back on action

Coimbatore: Upholding the dreams of Tamil Nadu magicians, the Magician Society of Tamil Nadu (MST), founded and guided by illustrious magician M. Yona is back on action. With 85 magicians turning up for its first meeting held in October 2009, the MST is getting itself prepared to host an innovative meeting of magicians on 23rd of March. On the day, waiting for the enthusiastic magicians will be a day full of erudite sessions from 10am to 5pm at Hotel Amuthasurabi, Poo Market here. Seven hours, and what would be there to benefit from? To be concise, the day is going to merit you a lot in magic. Or else, the teacher of the day is none other than R. Raja Moorthy, the Honorary Director of the Magic Academy.

The magic-filled day would begin with ‘One minute, one trick’ an innovative occasion wherein each participant will present a fast trick of not more than one-minute duration. This ice-breaking would be followed by a thoroughly educative as well as enigmatic teaching class by Mr. Moorthy, extending from 11.15am to 12.30pm and again from 2pm to 3pm. A must-to take part ‘Auction of magic materials’ will be held from 3.30pm onwards. And what awaits you during 3pm to 3.30pm is left for sheer suspense. As the magic drenched day concludes, you will be just amazed to note that it was all gained for a negligible fee of just Rs.100!

The MST also anticipates growing its membership among magicians from outside Tamil Nadu. By remitting an annual subscription of Rs.100, magicians can become members of this unique magic forum. To know anything about the organization and its upcoming meeting, just dial 0984113814 and talk with the magical maestro, Mr. Yona or drop a mail at

23rd March, Hotel Amuthasurabi, Poo Market, Coimbatore

10am: Welcome address

10.05am: Word from Chief Guest

10.15am: One minute, one trick

11.15am: Teaching Class by R. Raja Moorthy

12.30pm: Email & Internet; 1pm: Lunch

2pm: Performance by R. Raja Moorthy

3pm: Wait and see the suspense!

3.30pm: Auction of magic materials

4.50pm: Valedictory

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