Thursday, 25 February, 2010

FAQs on upcoming Maya 2010

Clear your doubts on the world's first Woman Magicians Convention on the anvil.

Objective? To promote female performers of magical art

Males? Can register, but not in groups of two or more members.

Groups? In each group of two or members, one of them should be a female leader who should sign the form.

Competitions? Exclusively reserved for females. Categories are: Stage Sr., Stage Jr., Close-up (Common) and Kitchen Magic (Common)

Kitchen Magic? This is going to be a brand new introduction. Here the performer should resemble more to an Indian housewife than a magician. Majority of equipments should be kitchen utensils and vegetables than usual magic equipments.

Dealer Stalls? Males can avail. But Dealer’s Demo should be made by a female magician.
Application forms: Available for download on

Instant support? Call Tel: 0471 2358910 or contact your Magic Sister at

Food? Breakfast, Tea + Snacks (twice), Lunch and Dinner will be provided on 30th May 2010.
Accommodation: Not provided. But assistance can be made as per availability and rules of individual hotels of the locality, if a written request with enough payment is provided to the Academy on or before 16/04/2010.

Las Date & Payments? Registration forms with necessary enclosures must reach Magi c Academy on or before 16/04/2010. All payments by Bank Draf in favour of the Magic Academy, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram 695012 Kerala.

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