Thursday, 14 January, 2010

Team of child magicians to amaze Sun gazers

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala State Science and Technlogy Museum has roped in the service of ‘Five Fingers’ a magic troupe of child magicians from the Magic Academy to entertain the crowd that gather to watch the longest Solar eclipse on the lawns of Kanakakunnu palace on 15th of January. ‘Five Fingers’ constituted by junior magicians of the Academy comprises of five school children who bear ardent affinity for magical art and science.

14-year-old Mohammed Shanu designated as the thumb of the team, is the lone boy in the team. Others in this team of budding magicians are Alina Gilton as point finger, Nadhiya as middle finger (both aged 13); 12-year-old Asmin Nayara as ring finger and 11-year-old Anamika Gilton as the little finger. Joining with them will be three of their classmates from the Academy, Amogh B.J., Nikhil Mathew Thomas and Rahul G. They will be demonstrating Close-up magic, conjuring magic and juggling act respectively.

These little magicians will be strolling on the lawns of the Kanakakunnu Palace entertaining children gathered in the shades of trees.

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