Friday, 15 January, 2010

Sun under the spell of Moon!

Lengthiest solar eclipse of the millennium captivates.

Gopinath Muthukad the propagator of the science and art in magic was floored to see the magic of the Moon that has transformed the Sun into the form of a silver ring. In this photo we see the acclaimed magician watching the solar spectacle from the premises of the Magic Academy in Thiruvananthapuram, using special glasses. All the staff at the Academy had a glimpse on the marvel. At the same time, 'Five Fingers' a team of child magicians from the Academy is entertaining the crowd on the lawns of the Kanakakunnu Palace at the mega event organised by the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum.

One of the chief characteristics of the annular solar eclipse is that at the time of eclipse sunlight forms circular shades on falling opaque objects. In this image you find such shades produced on the tiled courtyard of the Magic Academy while the sunlight fell on the leaves of garden plants.

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