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Magic carnival gifts a charm of magic for kids

Kindling a magic lamp: District Collect, Dr. M. Beena (fourth, left) lights a lamp to inaugurate the one-day Christmas Magic Carnival for children organised by the District Council for Child Welfare and the Magic Academy. Others from left: Superintendent of the Children's Park, Shaji; the council member, Shamsudheen; vice president of the council, Sinaba Mammu; Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad; Honorary Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy, member of the council, Ignatius Lukose and the A.D.C. and Secretary to the Council, V.S. Soman.

More than 100 children of this emerging metro were led to a day of magical insight on 30th of December, during a Magic Carnival organised jointly by the Magic Academy and the Ernakulam District Council for Child Welfare (DCCW).

Art of misdirection: Gopinath Muthukad captivates children through a hand trick.

At the Library Hall of the Priyadarshini Traffic Training Park near the Boat Jetty, it was nearly 12 hours of fun, frolic and magical learning for children. The carnival was formally inaugurated by the District Collector and President of the DCCW, Dr. M. Beena at a function in which the chief guest was none other than the children’s favourite magic uncle, Gopinath Muthukad. Assistant Development Commissioner and Secretary to the DCCW, V.S. Soman welcomed the dignitaries whereas the Vice President of the Council Sainaba Mammu presided over the function. In the brief function, honorary Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy offered felicitations and the member of the Council, Ignatius Lukose tendered vote of thanks.

Memorable class: R. Raja Moorthy trains children in memory enhancement tricks.

Prior to the inaugural function, the day was begun with a national integration video, ‘India: Magic of Harmony’ based on the visuals of the ‘Vismay Swaraj Yatra’ Mr. Muthukad and team have conducted from Srinagar to Kanyakumari. Following these were four enriching magic learning sessions that gave children a thoroughly close encounter with magic – the one many of them had for the first time in their lives.

S. Srikanth trains 10-year-old Eshwar a coin vanishing trick.

How according to their wish, magicians control the attention of their spectators during magic shows was demonstrated by Mr. Muthukad. To establish this ‘magic uncle’ roped in some of this his favourite hand tricks. Consequently, a woolen string cut into twelve pieces was but rejoined easily, a small red handkerchief was amazingly vanished over a white and bigger one and a coin was disappeared into thin air.

Mind over magic: Sherin V. George explains on the connection between psychology and magic.

Result was instant for the ‘Memory magic’ class by Mr. Moorthy. Participants immediately acquired the technique essential for listening to a list of 25 different things and recollecting them in ascending, descending and random orders.

Magical evening: People watch magician Muthukad's Stop SAD magic show on a temporary stage built on the lawns beside a pond at the park.

Afternoon sessions got a powerful start with a class on ‘Sleights of hand’ offered by the bank manager turned magician S. Srikanth. Mr. Srikanth, who is also former secretary to the India Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, not only demonstrated ample number of magic tricks, but also made perfect one or two small tricks that some of the young fans already had a knowledge upon. The bank-man didn’t forget to train children perform a trick with kerchief and coin, just to uphold the message of saving today’s money for tomorrow’s good.

Amid fans: After their sessions, each faculty was immersed into a pool of love and affection from their little fans who circled around for getting an autograph.

How a magic show influenced one’s mind was the crux of Sherin V. George’s one-hour-long session. A researcher in psychology with the Kalady Sanskrit University, Mr. George led children through the corridors of logic to show how magic exactly breaks the logical cords of spectators’ minds.

Marking the culmination of the daytime activities, shown was ‘Wings of Illusions’ a video of magical translation presented by Mr. Muthukad based on ‘Wings of Fire’ the autobiography of the former President of the country, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Hugely inspired by whatever they could gather from a daytime tour through the shores of magical ocean, children walked down to the lawns on the banks of the Park’s pond. There awaiting them was a magical evening.

Child magician Mohammed Shanu displays his talent during the magical night.

A rocking performance of ‘Stop SAD’ magic show by Mr. Muthukad and team sent strong sensitization against the curses of tobacco use, alcohol drinking and drug abuse. The magic show depicted the plight of a youngster who out of curiosity was led to the use of drugs. He becomes a strong addict to smoking, alcohol and drugs to earn a disastrous end to his life. Shortly after this meaningful magic show, the first rank holder of the Academy’s higher study for children, Mohammed Shanu came with his amazing performance. Clad in bright red suit, 14-year-old Shanu received good round of claps when he produced, vanished and transformed things with an experienced magicians ease. Then came a mind-boggling 45 minutes driven by the deft hands of Sherin V. George. A researcher in psychology, magician Sherin lived up to his profession, garnishing the entire length of his performance with more mind-effects than flash conjuring effects. Mr. George’s show had a notable level of interaction with his audience to set the waves of wonder engulf every corner of the open venue.

Magician Sherin V. George tries a mental trick on one of his audience members.

Earlier, Mr. Soman welcomed one and all to the magical evening. Mr. Lukose presented gifts for the magicians.

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