Monday, 4 January, 2010

Abhin has a solution

To keep your magic youthful

Thiruvananthapuram: Youthful power to keep magic ever-green and impressive. This is what the New Year session of the monthly Perfect Performer Course has for magicians on 9th of January 2010 at the Magic Academy.

In order to offer this precious gift without loosing its value, the Academy has deputed one of its proud products, Abhinraj as teacher. Mr. Abhinraj, now doing his degree in Nursing at the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, has magic in his blood.

An ever enthusiastic experimentalist in the application of magic as a medium for counseling and therapy, this 20-year-old teacher has devised his own styles of presentation. His one-hour class during Onam session of PPC in August could evoke overwhelming response among magicians. This time, Mr. Abhinraj will be bringing a bag full of captivating close-up techniques.

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