Saturday, 12 December, 2009

Yona thrills, wins hearts of his counterparts

Hands together: An exciting session during Yona's teaching class at Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: The pride of Tamil magic, Yona made magicians happy at the venue of the 6th anniversary session of the monthly Perfect Performer Course at the Magic Academy. He stole the day with his much scholarly teaching class that went uninterrupted for long five hours with just less than hour’s break for lunch. The event began with a brief function wherein the magical maestro was introduced in words by the Director of the Academy R. Raja Moorthy. In his short but captivating inaugural speech, the Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad described Mr. Yona as a man of humility and immense of ability in magic. “Yona’s down to earth character is worth emulative to all magicians who dreams of achieving something in the arena of magic”, Mr. Muthukad said. Earlier, K.P. Sivakumar welcomed the guests.

Happy mood: A section of magicians who became disciples at Yona's class.

The teaching class of Mr. Yona was lavishly garnished with knowledge in all spheres of magical art. It lived beyond the expectation of participating magicians. This was reflected in the feedback forms bearing ‘Excellent’ column ticked by the entire attendees. There were around 50 active magicians including a battalion of novices in the field produced from the Kochi extension centre of the Academy.

“I have no words to describe Yona Sir’s class. It was fabulous. He dismantled our dusty traditional concepts and filled our minds with a rejuvenated approach towards our shows. It amazed all of us when he presented the lay trick of straw and string in a very new style”, says Shaju Kadakkal an active magician who is also a teacher at the Academy. Another greatness his counterparts found with him was the fact that almost every act of his latest Hippy act was taught in the class. Representing the Magic Academy Alumni Group in Kochi, Adv. Hariraj expressed thanks to Mr. Yona and the Academy for offering such a worthy class.

Hippy takes over Chaplin
The evening magic show by Yona and his son Prabhuram was hosted by the Magic Academy Alumni Association, Thiruvananthapuram (MAAAT). During his 1 hour-long show, Yona lived as a jovial hippy to whom magic was even in his body languages. When the magician appeared in the very new figure, those who were anticipating his well-acclaimed Chaplin character, were at first perplexed. But their apprehensions were washed away by undulating waves of wonder that flowed from the master magicians deft hands, filling every part of the Wonder World auditorium. The new traditionally appealing and terrifically exciting composition of background music gave that power and punch for the Hippy magician.

Hippy n happy: Magician Yona during his fabulous new Hippy Act.

Hippy's hip hop: Yona's show had good level of interaction with the audience. Here the Hippy has got a girl from the audience to join his hip hop.

Prabhuram, Mr. Yona’s son had shared his father’s stage to mark his debut in juggling. He showcased an amazing skill in juggling with small balls, small and big ball combination, saucers and sticks. Till the last moment of their show, the father-son duo were proving their tremendous caliber in the art of conjuring. The hall was shivering with thunderous applause through the entire length of the show.

Native magicdom can expect a master juggler in Prabhuram, son of Yona.

Lee, a foreign guest got his dream of becoming a magician realized when Mr. Yona invited him to the stage. The magician standing from behind and wearing a coat partly covering Mr. Lee’s shoulders, performed magic. This clearly gave a vivid impression that it was performed by Mr. Lee and not the magician.

A deserving honour: Gopinath Muthukad hands over the Magic Academy's honour to magician Yona, at the end of a day enriched by the latter's creative talents.

In due honour of his talent, Mr. Yona was presented with a memento, certificate and shawl by Mr. Muthukad. Mr. Prabhuram was also honoured with a memento. Officials of the MAAAT, Somasekharan Nair, Chandrasenan Mithirmala and R. Raja Moorthy were present on the occasion.

Yona's son, Prabhuram receives from Gopinath Muthukad a memento given by the Magic Academy in honour of the former's talented juggling.

Magic is a burning passion for Yona. After the honouring ceremony, no one expected the master magician to produce a cascade of sparkles from thin air as you seen in this final photo.

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