Friday, 11 December, 2009

Christmas Magic Carnival for children

Christmas Papa to teach children some tricks this time.

Thiruvananthapuram: The Magic Academy is organising a two-day Christmas Magic Carnival for children of age group 9-15, who have not yet learned magic. The camp will find Christmas Father in the role of a magic teacher. The papa will be not only offering an hour-long magic class but also surprising children with a bag full of tricks and gifts.

The two-day event will be inaugurated by the Academy’s Executive Director, Gopinath Muthukad at 10.30am. He will teach children the art of misdirection. Magician Haris Thaha will appear as Chrismas Papa whereas his counterparts Sherin V. George and Karamana Reghu unveil ‘Psychology of magic’ and ‘Art of Presentation’ respectively. Young magician Abhinraj will explain the art behind wonders.A language class titled ‘Magic of Malayalam’ by Dr. Ezhumattur Raja Raja Varma and environmental awareness session named ‘Learn to live green’ by Dr. Akhila S. Nair are there to carry children to some of the real life facts. Humorist writer, Krishna Poojappura will teach children to ‘Live with a laugh’.

Children who attend the carnival will be provided with gifts, magic club memberships and certificates. First day will conclude with magic shows presented by magicians Dareas and Shahabaskhan Vilakath. Evening magic show on the second day will be staged by a team of child magicians named ‘Five Fingers’ comprising of Nadiya, Asmin Nayara, Anamika Gilton, Alina Gilton and Shanu A.R. – all students of the Academy.

Children who wish to join for the fair may register their names on or before 18th of December at Magic Academy, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram 695012. Phone: 471 2358910 Email:


Indranil said...

It’s very nice to know that the Magic Academy use to organize Magical sessions involving societal awareness like upon AIDS, Memory improvement techniques, environment and so on. However it’s my humble suggestion to make available videos of such programs for the magicians. As such, magicians of different parts of the country and even abroad may organize similar programs. Thus the awareness would be converged to a greater pat of the society. If any such videos are available, unknown to my knowledge, please inform me so that I may collect them.
Magically yours,
Magician Indranil
Rampurhat, Birbhum, West Bengal

Magic Academy, India said...

Thank u Indranil Sir.
We have video documentations of Muthukad's missions. But at present they are in Malayalam medium. We shall consider producing their English versions at least to satisfy sincerely interested magic brothers like your good self. At present Magic Weekly is unable to promise u when those English versions will be available. However we thank you for the marvelous idea.
Warm regards,
-Magic Weekly