Saturday, 19 December, 2009

Swedish visitors delight tiny tots

It's time for cakes: Visitors from Sweden, Jenny (left) looks on as Martin cuts a Christmas cake at the Magic Academy. Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy (right) and Content Editor of Magic Weekly, K.P. Sivakumar are also seen.

Thiruvananthapuram: On 19th of December, Swedish couple, Martin and Jenny came to the Magic Academy guided by the ‘Lonely Planet’ travel book. Both of them are ardent travellers and while visiting the Academy only expectation for them was to get entertained by the Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy. Instead, the pair became a matter of enjoyment for 20 child fans in magic who had gathered there for a monthly Preliminary Magic Course.

It took the Swedish visitors for a surprise when Mr. Moorthy invited them to join for a Christmas cake cutting. At first, Ms. Jenny cut the cake and offered a piece to 5-year-old Ponnus the junior most among the participants. The tiny tot, who was permitted on special grounds to sit along with her elder sister in the session was all on smiles. “Oh, cute”, Ms. Jenny commented placing the piece of cake between the lips of the small girl. Following this, Mr. Martin and the teacher of the day, magician Karamana Reghu joined Mr. Moorthy in cutting and distributing pieces of cake to the elder counterparts of Ponnus. Before returning, the visitors spent an hour enjoying close-up magic fiesta presented by Mr. Moorthy as part of ‘Magic Tourism’ project of the Academy.

Sweet cake for a cute girl: Jenny serves a piece of cake for 5-year-old Ponnus

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