Thursday, 17 December, 2009

Italy beckons deaf magicians

Cattolica, Italy: Following a successful meet in 2009 April, the world deaf magicians are to meet again in Cattolica City on the eastern part of Italy during 23-30 May 2010. Secretary General of the Society of World Deaf Magicians, Dr. Simon J. Carmel (Photo below) has informed this Weekly Newsletter that the upcoming is going to be the13th yearly conference. He told that already two deaf magicians from India have expressed interest to fly to join the event. Those who are interested to know more on the event can gather enough details from the official website:

Book on deaf magicians

Dr. Carmel who has authored ‘Silent Magic: Biographies of Deaf Magicians in the USA from 19th to 21st Centuries’ is now nurturing a dream of publishing another one on 100 deaf magicians all over the world. Well known for his magical talents, Dr. Carmel’s is a versatile personality encompassing many enthusing aspects of life ranging from kite flying to physics and anthropology. Deaf magicians who wish to get their story sketched by Dr. Carmel’s pen, may email him at He looks forward to meet a few Indian deaf magicians during the festival at Cattolica.

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