Thursday, 24 December, 2009

Carnival with a taste of cakes, tricks and more

Strings of mind: Magician Sherin V. George give a fine beginning for the second day.

Second day at the Christmas Magic Carnival began with a video show on Monsoon Magic Mission staged throughout Kerala in 2007 sensitizing people on the measures to prevent rain-borne diseases and mosquito prevention. Classes were held drom 10.30am to 4pm. A research scholar in psychology and magician, Sherin V. George explained on the relationship between psychology and magic in a lucid language palatable for kids. It was followed by magician Karamana Reghu’s class on the presentation of magic tricks. Both of them performed a few hand tricks to excite buds of magic.

In the afternoon environmental scientist Dr. Akhila S. Nair prompted children to think globally and act locally for conserving the ecology. She taught ten simple things that children can adopt for living a green life. Magic of Malayalam the mother tongue was the kernel of the teachings offered by language expert, Dr. Ezhumattur Raja Raja Varma. To impart the importance of learning Malayalam, he narrated the stories of luminaries worldwide who defeated disabilities through strong determination.

Magician Karamana Reghu explains presentation styles of magic.

At the fall of the evening, stage was set bright for ‘Five Fingers’ a team of five students of the Academy to present their magic show. The team comprised of child magicians, Asmin Nayara, Nadhiya S.M., Alina Gilton and Anamika Gilton – all girls – and Mohammed Shanu, the only boy. One after the other they came to the stage and floored the audience including children and their parents. For a conclusion, they came together in cadence and performed a national integration items.

Dr. Akhila S. Nair gives tips to eco-friendly living.

The valedictory function was presided over by the honorary director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala. Dr. Ezhumattur Raja Raja Varma inaugurated the function whereas K.P. Sivakumar gave welcome address. “Magic is an art infinite that flows and flows through generations. You should keep on furthering your pace and potential in this great theatrical art”, he said to children.

Dr. Ezhumattur Raja Raja Varma explains the value of mother tongue.

Members of the ‘Five Fingers’ was duly honoured with Certificates and Christmas Cakes. All participants got a certificate of participation duly signed by Mr. Muthukad. It was then the occasion to honour the one who loved and captivated children the most. None other than the ever-smiling, Christamas Father who lavishly distributed not only the wonder of magic, but also umpteen of gifts. When magician Haris Thaha, who was playing the role of Santa Clause received a gift from Dr. Ezhumattur, there was a thunderous clapping by the Santa’s fans. The curtain then came down for the event that offered the merriment of the season and amazement of magic.

Shining stars: 'Five Fingers' a magic troupe formed by the students of the Magic Academy including (from left) Mohammed Shanu, Anamika Gilton, Nadhiya, Alina Gilton and Asmin Nayara gives a show marking the conclusion of the event.

Papa of gifts: Christmas Papa who was busy serving gifts and tricks to children on two days was honoured with a gift by the honorary director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala to the claps of the participants.

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