Tuesday, 21 July, 2009

Preeth, who smiles at the results

This is an article written by young magician Ramu Bhattathiri in his open column, 'Ramu's Corner' in the Vismayam Magical News, July issue. Author's Email: ramubhattathiri@gmail.com

P. Preeth

It is such a pity not to recognize the real talent. And this is where the ‘reality’ in the modern-day reality shows really falters. I was recollecting these statements from the result of a reality show that was conducted by a famous channel on Malayalam Television.

One of the students of the Magic Academy had participated in the show. And it was our own brother magician Preeth. As we all know we should never keep on remembering that fact, but here we have to tell the fact that he is dumb and deaf by birth. Being a ‘special’ man, his inabilities was never near his high ambitions for the art of magic.

He learned Magic and made them into new new forms that even the creator of the magic would be amazed to see! He recieved immensely great comments throughout the show, and always he would respond with a sweet smile, that would convey more than a thousand words. As well-wishers, we were all eagerly waiting for the announcement of the result of the show. But, sadly to the surprise of all of us he came 5th out of the 5 final participants. We cannot go and argue for not giving the prize to him.

But, he was literally ‘insulted’ in the finals. When the prizes were distributed, they forgot to atleast mention and thank Preeth for coming over there, and of course for reaching till the finals. There a bit of the ‘humanitarian’ aspect should have been shown. Atleast a shakehand would have been enough. But not even was there a mention of Preeth. Another fact of this is the hidden intentions of the channel to nicely finish the show off, and that too rudely with that commercial touch. But, after having seen all this our Preeth would still smile and will keep on smiling, keeping a lot of his sadness in his heart.


Indranil said...

we the magicians and magic lovers, who have enjoyed a performance of Preeth either in person or over videos know what calibre he possesses. His creative thoughts and thematic magic deserves a high degree of appreciation from all. Whatever the case may be, don't be disheartened Preeth. Like many of this vast country, my standing ovation is for you. We want enrichment of the art through your valuable contribution.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Indranilji,
Thanks for the kind words.
Ramu has pointed to something right.
Please keep in touch.
-Magic Weekly