Monday, 20 July, 2009

Children relish ‘Vegetable Magic’

Magician Shahabas Khan Vilakath introduces magic using vegetables to newcomers at the Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: Children who do not like the vegetable curries made at home, have readily enjoyed a dose of ‘Vegetable Magic’. The occasion was a class on magic using vegetables held on 18th of July at the Magic Academy for the newcomers. The vegetable wonders were demonstrated by 23-year-old magician Shahabas Khan Vilakath.

Standing in front of a chart showing pictures of fruits and vegetables, Mr. Vilakath produced a heap of real fruits and vegetables inside an empty glass vessel. Children, excited by the magic jostled and grabbed a few of these. ‘Panchendriya Vidhya’ using ‘Pancha Dhanya’ was also taught to the participants. In this trick, five grains from a bowl of rice were taken out and disappeared in a jiffy after placing each of them into the nose, eyes, mouth, ears and on the skin.

Mr. Vilakath, a native of Cherpulassery near Palakkad is fond of new experiments in the world of magic. For more than a year, he is working at the Magic Academy with the responsibility of gathering and distributing quality magic products for needy magicians.

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