Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Jawan jadugar

Different uniform: When Rajesh Babu, a Jawan of Indian Army, appears as magician Manoor Rajesh.

Thiruvananthapuram: Commanding Officer, R.K. Choudhury of 16 Madras, his officers, jawans and their families at Pangode Army Camp here had an evening of magical merriment on 20th May. On a well festooned, brightly lighted up stage inside the Kariappa Hall, enthralling them was none but a young Jawan bearing a huge passion for magic. He is Rajesh Babu a jawan determined to safeguard the Nation with all courage and valour. But on the magic stage, clad in a glittering Maharaja dress, this jawan would prefer to be called as magician Manoor Rajesh.

It is his 8th year in Army and 9th in magic career. Days in the camps are hectic and hardly provide any time for learning magic. Mr. Rajesh but takes up all these with a pleasant mind and satisfied heart. For him hardships are as enjoyable as a Volleyball play – his favourite game.

May be he would be the only magician to serve the country atop Siachen Glaciers. Out of his army service, 2 years were spent in Siachen ranges. He has offered 3 months’ service at the top post, too. His burning passion for magic had all the warmth, even in the lethally cold climate of this Karakoram ranges.

“Army has only supported my passion for magic. Everywhere, my officers and colleagues encourage me”, says Mr. Rajesh who has already staged 13 shows at army camps.

Presently he along with a 15-member troupe presents a 2-hour-long show comprising of illusions. The show ends with an item for national integration.
Some of his colleages joke at him saying, “Force se discharge jao. Civilian jaake jadu dikhake paisa khamao”. Yes, Mr. Rajesh has a dream of becoming a full-fledged magical entertainer - not now, only after retiring from the Army.

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