Monday, 25 May, 2009

Indian magician enjoys a mid-sea magic fiesta

Dream comes true: Rakesh Syam with Jeff McBride inside the cruise ship, Carnival Valor.

Miami: You sit and relax. World renowned magic masters come one after the other to your table, serve you the latest lessons in magic, and allow you perform before them as well as their co-passengers… Magic dreamers, please understand, this is neither kidding you nor talking an impossible dream. These were exactly what 33-year-old magician from Madurai, Rakesh Syam could experience for a full week at his home ship.

He was there in the cruise vessel, Carnival Valor that offered an international magic convention onboard. The mid-sea magic fair was organized after a long gap of 7 years by the David Sandy Productions. The ship left Miami on 3rd of May and docked back on 10th.

In between, happened were things that would fascinate any magician on this Earth! About the dream-like situation, Mr. Syam would say in short: “by all luck I and other few Indian magicians were gifted couple of weeks back on our ship with lectures, shows etc., of world’s greatest magicians.”

He had the whimsical experience of being in the crowd of bigwigs including Jeff McBride, John Carney, Jon Armstrong, Mike Cavney, Tina lenert, Dave Kaplon, John Shyrrock and Don Wiberg to recall a few.

Close with magic: Serving a dose of walk around for magical stalwarts including Jeff McBride, Dave Kaplan, John Carney and others.

He is still not out of the thrills. Mr. Syam was even requested by Mr. McBride to give a walk around magic show for the guests!

“Jeff liked my performance very much and I have been to all magicians table every night. Jeff was so enthusiastic and energetic like he just joined in the magic community” Mr. Syam said to VMN. Of the seven days, most of his time was spent with Mr. McBride. “He [Jeff McBride] is really a master and living legend. He has a multiple talent – in Magic, Dance, Martial Art, Ventriloquism etc.” adds Mr. Shyam who attended a master class of Mr. McBride.

Mr. Syam has been a house magician of the ship for over four years. His is the title of being the first magician to dish close-up magic in cruise vessels. It was not so long before that Mr. Syam had a magically rejuvenating experience at the Magic Castle.

Ship of fortunes: The vessel, Carnival Valor

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