Saturday, 10 January, 2009

Magic Academy's award for P.M. Mithra

Thiruvananthapuram: 'Indrajaala Puraskaram' the first ever award for outstanding contributors among magicians, instituted by the Magic Academy goes to P.M. Mithra. Mr. Mithra has been sleected for the award in recognition of the extensive contributions he has made for over three decades, towards the development and popularity of the magical art. The award consisting of Rs.10000 in cash and a certificate of honour will be presented by the Minister of Culture, M.A. Baby in Thiruvananthapuram on 16th of January.

Mr. Mithra has taken up magic as a means to battle with the challenges of life. He was born and brought up in the rustic town of Melukavumattom in Kottayam. When he started learning magic in 1972, Kichu from Vaikom was his first guru. His debut performance christened, 'Mayajal' in 1982 became a grand success, earning him a name as a professional magician. As a magician, his ascend chiefly owed to the qualities of sincerity and dedication. In 80s, Mr. Mithra's magic shows were inevitable part of cultural fairs in the State. Easy and perfect handling of complex illusions was a major quality of Mr. Mithra that became a model for his counterparts. In 2002, the State honour was bestowed upon this veteran magician in the form of the Sangeeta Nataka Academy's award. 54-year-old magician has his wife Aansa, also as an assistant during magic shows. Children: Ashish, Aleena.

Academy's Executive Director, Gopinath Muthukad announces the award at a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram. From left are magicians, Chandrasenan Mithirmala and Vaidhar Shah; on the right are magicians: Rajesh Chandra and S. Sreekanth.

Opinions of major magic organizations in the State including Malabar Magic Circle (MMC), Cochin Magic Society (CMS) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) were considered by the Academy for selecting the award winner. The award announcement was jointly made by the Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad; Directors, Chandrasenan Mithirmala and R. Raja Moorthy; former Secretary of the India Ring of the IBM, S. Sreekanth; Secretary of the CMS, Vaidharsha and Director, MMC, Rajesh Chandra were present for the press conference.

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