Tuesday, 13 January, 2009

Be a dew drop!

Dewdrops are too small. Yet, they grab our look and kindle poetic imaginations. They like celestial jewels, bedeck leaves and flowers. How does a very small dewdrop such strongly influence this world of big things?

Answer is simple: The dewdrop, even as being so small, shines itself gathering the light from around and makes the Earth a paradise. It lights up the petals of flowers and leaves of sky-climbing trees. It creates a carnival of light at the tiny tips of low creeping grass leaves.

These dewdrops should give us a drop of wisdom to imbibe. However small we are, we should shine ourselves and make our domain shine.

As the Sunrays to the dewdrops, wisdom and virtues should work miracles upon us.
Without a magician, the New Year pomp is incomplete - like a buffet without a soup. At the magic venues and life’s avenues, let us be December dewdrops that receive wisdom, return the same and shine up this world.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2009!

[Editorial, Vismayam Magical News, 2008 December issue.]

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